GOWES? What is it? That’s a new term for “cycling”. Bandung has a new trend : cycling. Actually, these healthy habits had long done by citizens of Bandung. The pioneer of the trend is the cycling community : Bike to Work Bandung (2007). Cycling, like a snowball phenomenon, which it rolled, and make more greater followers. Continue reading


God the Almighty, created human beings with artistry and creativity. A piece of bamboo can be turned into a beautiful musical instrument. Calung. A Sundanese art masterpiece that became the pride and national identity.
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Walking in the bamboo forest
I heard a muffled whimper
No, it’s not my conscience
Only the friction of bamboo leaves

Bamboo (Bambuseae, Ltn) is a herbaceous plant species with many cavities and many segments in its trunk. Bamboo has many types. In this world, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants. Because it has a unique rhizoma-dependent system, in a day  bamboo can grow along  60cm (24 inches) even more, depending on soil conditions and climatology where he planted (Wikipidia).
Sundanese land (Priangan) have suitable soil conditions for bamboos to grow and develop. And make bamboo as an artistic medium for the Sundanese artists, and shaping it into various kinds of music instrument. Such as Angklung.

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Bandung’s Flea Market : Paradise of Second Hand Treasure

Almost everyone when looking for stuff, of course, want a good quality and affordable (cheap) goods. And certainly, very rare shops, department stores or mall that could accommodate that desire. But there is a place that can fulfill that desire, that is “flea market”. With a little skill in selecting goods and negotiations, surely you will get a cheap and a good quality goods, according to your wishes.

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The Bandung’s Grand Mosque

America once had twin towers (WTC). Malaysia has twin towers (Petronas Tower). Even in film Lord of the Ring also has twin towers! Bandung was not to be outdone. It is located right in the heart of the city – at Bandung Townhall. Masjid Agung Bandung (the Bandung’s Grand Mosque), now stands majestically, becoming one of the Bandung’s iconic building.

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Uniquely Memorable Resting Place : Jadul Village Villa & Spa

Sometimes we try to find a hotel that is not only as a place …. just for sleep. But, truly a unique place for vacation, even given its own memories.

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Lebaran Cuisine : Ketupat (Rice-cake Diamond) & Chicken Opor

Celebrating Eid with typical dishes: rice cake diamond, and chicken opor, hmmmm, what a joy.
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The Big Sundial : PUSPA IPTEK Padalarang

On this occasion, I wish you a happy Eid al-Fitr 1st Shawwal 1432 Hijri, for all Muslims around the world. May Allah bless us all. Amen.
Eid is an official holiday in Indonesia, and all Muslims to celebrate with joy with family, relatives and friends. Vacation to beautiful places and fun is one of them. Might this place, can inspire you.

Previously, I took you trips to the geology museum at Bandung. Tourism is not only fun, but also adds to our insight and knowledge. Well, now, there is one place in Bandung, precisely in Padalarang, which also has the concept of tourism scientific. That place is: PUSPA IPTEK SUNDIAL. Curious, isn’t it? 🙂

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Bandung’s Traditional Transportation

Hi there dear readers! When you visit a place, or even trip, there’s one important thing you need. Yup! Transportation. And when you come to Bandung, you will get a variety of transportation according to your needs. And among these, traditional transportation.

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Sweet Tradition : Fermented Glutinous Rice

After a long “time off to write” at this my favorite blogs, because of my busy working time, finally, I’m back!
Oh yes, I owe a promise to you, to write an article about “fermented glutinous rice. ” Perhaps, this is the time!

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