Serabi Oncom Bandung (Bandung’s Oncom Pancake)

Serabi oncom (oncom pancake) is a typical Sundanese snack (Bandung). And if you come to Bandung, and do not try this one special food, you already passed one of the main distinctive culinary citizens of Bandung.

Serabi (Sundanese people call it “surabi”) is usually presented early in the morning, accompanied by a hot coffee or sweet tea. Some people make it as breakfast. Served warm, with standard toppings: Oncom. Soft, hot, savory and slightly spicy … wow! that unique sensation of serabi oncom Bandung. You should try it!

In Bandung has a lot of people sell this special food. The serabi  seller so far was leading on Jl Setiabudi, Bandung, “Serabi Imut” place names. Or there are also “Serabi ENHAI”. But what’s wrong if you want to try to make it yourself, here’s the recipe …


1. 250 grams of rice flour
2. 250 grams wheat
3. 1 teaspoon salt
4. 1 liter coconut milk

Oncom Topping :

1. Oncom 300 grams, fried ripe
2. 10 fruit chili sauce
3. 2 cloves garlic
4. 3 cm kencur
5. Salt to taste

How To Make Serabi Oncom Bandung:

1. Mix the rice flour, wheat and salt, mix well
2. Pour the coconut milk gradually, stirring constantly, set aside one hour
3. Sambal Oncom: puree the chilies, garlic, salt and kencur
4. Oncom mashed, mixed with spices, batter. Sprinkle top with chili Oncom, cap. Cook until done
5. Lift and serve

Results 25 pieces.

Hopefully useful, enjoy & love culinary Bandung!


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