Replication Foods, Noodles Cart & Many More

In Bandung, precisely in Aceh Street 15, there is a shop that sells various replicas made of wax. Starting from the replicas of food, beverages, and even meatball noodle cart exists. Store name “Crayon Craft & Co”.

The products are very very similar to the original, and very detailed. For example, a serving of noodles, meatballs, or a serving of chicken satay, made very detailed. Even a replica of a cigarette kiosk, dazzlin President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who was then visiting the booth in an exhibition. He immediately bought it for 600 000 Indonesian Rupiah. While his wife bought a replica wagon Malang meatballs, costing 550 000 Indonesian Rupiah

Examples of miniature made the cart or pole vegetable, salad, and sate with prices starting at 250 000 Indonesian Rupiah. The price of food replicas begin 350 000 Indonesian rupiah, for example shrimp butter sauce, spaghetti, and sushi. Mobile phone ornaments sold at prices starting 15 000 Indonesian Rupiah per item.

Well, if you’re interested, please come by and buy them as souvenirs of Bandung.


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