Steamed Brownies, Don’t Live Bandung Without It !

Initially this is a recipe for those “bule people”
And I think, steamed brownies emerged first in Bandung. With the brand “Amanda”.
(aucasian”) Now that Bandung culinary increasingly spread rapidly, full of creativity, then this recipe through adaptation. Little innovation, to give a unique taste sensation, is created “Steamed Brownies” !

It starts from the creativity of a housewife, cooking hobby enthusiasts. Than just tinkering with a recipe steamed sponge him feel normal. And who would have thought it started from a small business. Family business! And until now, than just a hobby, became an independent business. And famous throughout Bandung. Even Indonesia! Because when you travel to Bandung without buying brownie steamed “Amanda”, … as no less!

So, when you visit to Bandung, a time to stop by to Jl Rancabolang No. 2 (mill-producing). While the branches (outside Bandung) has spread to Jakarta, and Surabaya.

One of the lessons we can take from this story is, we understood better hobby could become a source of our lives (livelihoods). Certainly supported the creativity and hard work are resilient, all nothing is impossible! (This success story you can read more on “Yoghourt”)


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