The Name … “Bandung”

By the way, is there any among us who never asked (either at someone else, or yourself): “From where and what they mean ‘Bandung’?”. This question occurred to me any time.

Curiosity, and finally thanks to the help of “Mbah Google”, I get some references about “the origin of the name of Bandung and its meaning.”
“Bandung” in Sundanese, synonymous with the word “appeal” in Indonesian, means side by side. “Ngabanding” (Sunda) means adjoining or adjacent.
Another opinion says that the word “bandung” means big or large. The word comes from the word “bandeng”. In Sundanese, “ngabandeng” means a broad pool of water and look cool, but creepy impressed. Presumably the word “bandeng” it then changes the sound became Bandung.
There is another opinion stating that the word Bandung comes from the word “dyke”. This is apparently associated with the event stream retention in areas of ancient Citarum River Padalarang by lava erupting Mount Tangkuban during the Holocene (± 6000 years ago).

That glimpse of the following origins meaning of the name of Bandung, this beloved town. For more information you can visit:

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