Good Snack, Low Price … Go To Pasar Baru!

Frankly, I like to snack. Maybe you also. In Bandung, there is a famous place for a cheap snack! Sometimes, these snacks made souvenirs to take home, or simply eaten by the street. The place was named “Pasar Baru”.

Located on Jl. Otto Iskandardinata, precisely in the area of a corner shopping center of Pasar Baru; this place is the “old location”, where the snack vendors gather here. Usually the snacks sold are typical snack Bandung (Sundanese). Like, different kinds of chips (Oncom, bananas), banana-sale, various kinds of dodol, cistik (cheese sticks, ing), etc.

While the Pasar Baru shopping center which itself is composed of the kiosk which dominated the seller clothes or fabrics. The rest of the sellers of household needs (daily).

Because diverse snacks are sold, I felt not get enough for an occasional visit to Pasar Baru to buy it. With relatively low prices, we can buy a snack with a relatively large, compared to that sold at ordinary shops. I often recommend this place to friends or relatives who come from outside Bandung took to stop there. 🙂


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