Recreation @ The Mall

Finally … long vacation was coming! For Muslims, especially in Indonesia, yesterday and today the center to commemorate Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1431 H. Happy celebrating!

And of course this great vacation days must be filled with visiting relatives and beloved friends, to stay in touch and apologized to each other. That tradition of this feast.
Now, the city of Bandung is one destination of immigrants or the original residents to stay in touch. Not only that, Bandung surely as the object of a culinary tour or shopping while long holiday like this. And a choice tourist destination in Bandung, one of them is a visit to the mall!
I’ll show you several options mall (the largest) in Bandung, as a guideline of you who want to get there …

But better known as BIP (Bandung Indah Plaza). Located in downtown Bandung, exactly on Jl. Merdeka No 56 (other than that covered by Jl. Aceh, Jl. Sumatra and Jl. Riau) to make this plaza is very easily accessible by anyone, because many alternative roads and public transport pass.

Built in early 1980, and officially opened in 1986, BIP has four floors and two basement (parking), is a sophisticated first mall built in Bandung. Includes a complete shopping center, whatever you’re looking for, is there. From food / beverage (culinary), fashion, household goods, electronics, books, recreation, theaters. Not only that, around the BIP many shops (and even hotels) as an alternative if you are “satisfied” visiting / shopping at the BIP.

Stands Cihampelas WALK. Represents the concept of “mall” which is somewhat different, and unique, compared to other malls in Bandung. Because, the mall took the natural elements into the concept (open mall concept). Open, fresh but still “hanging out”. Like, many pine trees, tree ferns, and even green plants to decorate this place. You will be comfortable there, even just walking, because the coolness of the place and shade trees.

Precisely located at Jl. Cihampelas No. 160, Ciwalk originally founded in January 2002. In Ciwalk there are 150 outlets, including 13 cafes, 8 restaurants, 27 food court, department stores, cinemas (oh yea, did I forget mention it? that Ciwalk has a cool 3D movie theater!), karaoke and playground. All daily needs with a variety of brands to be there! And recently Ciwalk has completed its grand project : SENSA HOTEL. A hotel with a unique, glamorous and modern atmosphere. A project that is not owned by any other mall in Bandung.

In addition, many other events held by management Ciwalk to attract visitors, such as life music, contests, exhibitions, and more. This all adds settle all people to remain “hanging” there for long time.

Abbreviated as BSM, located on Jl. Gatot Subroto No.289. Is the largest mall (I guess) in Bandung. Founded in the 1990s, BSM is a mall that embraces prestigious and famous outlets (local and international). Call it, Guess, Mango, Lacoste, Levi’s, Hugo Boss, Starbucks, Pizza Hut, etc. Therefore, enter this mall, you have to “get ready” for reaching into deep pockets. He he he.

Facilities at this mall are complete. High School Complex and (fairly) grand, makes you comfortable as long as you like to be in the mall. The other malls do not have are: bowling arena, a large play area (on the top floor) complete with a fairy wheel and jet coster, also there is a bus facility that delivers you to the Sukarno Hatta Airport (and vice versa). Fun and sophisticated! Even the last I saw, will be built “Trans Studio Theme Park” there. And reportedly, this theme park has 21 games and various forms of entertainment performances are divided into four zones. Arena is also equipped with a row of shopping center tenants classy. Woah! Can not wait for the results! 🙂

More familiar with the PVJ. Well, this is “the youngest”. Since it was established over the last mall of malls I mentioned above.
Located on Jl. Sukajadi No. 137-139, the mall concept is similar to Ciwalk, namely the open mall concept. However, in my opinion, not as green as serimbun or Ciwalk (which still keep the green with tall pine trees).
In my opinion, this mall is more comfortable and “glamorous” when visited at night, especially weekends. Because there you’ll see the play of light (lamp), both in the gardens, parking lot (front), and its stores. Similarly, BSM, PVJ also embrace a variety of reputable and prestigious outlets. And the most interesting part of the mall this one is the concept of “multi outdoor cafe”, because the front yard along the mall is (mostly) cafe! So, if you walk through the road ahead, as you are in the “catwalk”. Because there are walking past the rows of desks and chairs of each cafe which was a lot of visitors (for those of you a “narsism”, this is your place to exist! Hehehe).
In addition, there is something funny and unique in PVJ. You’ll find pigeons (sometimes parrots) flying and hanging freely in the corridors of the mall. This was intentional, because you’ll see in some places there is a bird cage installed there.

Standard of facilities can be found there. Self-contained. And if you go down to basementnya, you’ll find other unique things: the floors made of wood! You like to walk on the pier / dock. I also still do not understand why the modern shopping malls such as PVJ made of wood across the floor. Besides noise when stepped on, many women with high heels, sometimes wedged heels on the sidelines of a wooden board. Pity.

The mall is a prime choice for young people gather and socialize. Besides many options cafe, there are also discos, karaoke, and also a 3D movie theater. And not only that, many other interesting events that are held by management PVJ, which makes PVJ as a mall with its own charm (and many visitors are come from Jakarta! Phew!).

Those are malls into recommendations for your holiday destination in Bandung. So, enjoy and happy shopping!


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