Cireng Brotherhood

Previously, I have discussed the typical bandung cheap food: “cilok”. Well, these times I’ll tell you one more “best friend” from “cilok”, namely: “CIRENG”! Gee, what’s this?

CIRENG acronym of “aci digoreng” (or batter-fried tapioca starch, ing). Similar to cilok, cireng any such starch-based. The difference is, cireng fried in hot cooking oil.
Initially, cireng made with very, very simple. Tapioca starch dough that is fried. That’s it.

But now cireng experiencing “progress”. Cireng now made to the content? such as: cheese, corned beef, chicken, beef. With flavors: spicy, barbeque, pizza, or an original (savory). Hmm … soooo tasty! We recommend that you eat / serve it while it’s hot / warm! Because cireng will taste chewy (tough), when in cold conditions.
Makers and sellers has been widely spread cireng content in Bandung. But there’s one brand of cireng content (by me) became the mainstay of Bandung city is “Cireng Keraton”.

So what are you waiting for! While you at Bandung, quickly stop by and enjoy the cireng contents, a typical snack of Bandung!

Bon appetite!


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