ITB’s Art Market 2010 : THE DAY !

Finally, the awaited arrival! ITB’s Art Market 10th was officially opened! Although I am somewhat confused about the opening schedule, which is between 8 or 10 am. But it does not matter! Because after my morning run last Sunday morning, I immediately stopped at ITB campus on Jl. Ganesha.

That is so good when it comes to the location early in the morning. Because the situation was still calm and fresh! I could see people, from students, participants of the exhibition, the builders, is preparing their booth. Some performers of art, his appearance was practicing their act.

Entering Jl. Ganesha from the direction of Jl. Taman Sari, I am amazed with the “gate” shaped horn! Memorable sturdy, beautiful, artistic flavor. While browsing the path, there is some middle street performers practicing music. Continue to proceed with several ornaments a’la eccentric art of art and design student, such as: the photographs of mad men in Bandung, junk cars painted colors, etc. Go to the main page of the campus, there are 3 pieces of the statue of three female figures (“The Statue of three fathers”) …….

That’s just a small trip of my “fantasy art” in ITB’s Art Market. There are still many areas and performance art that there will not be enough to me tp tell in my modest little blog, such as: rice in the pot, the procession Sundanese arts, musical-dance performance, “hell”, “illusion of time”, and much more . Everything creative and fantastic! Experience the beautiful art in my life.

So …. very loss for which you do not have time to attend the fourth annual event this time. May God give us long life, at least 4 years in the future :),  to be able to enjoy the fantasy of art in ITB’s Art Market! ITB Congratz!



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