Balkot Festiv : Celebrating 200th Bandung’s Anniversary

HOOHAAA! Bandung has turned out a series of monumental events in this month. Yesterday, 10-10-10, ITB’s Art Market. And just ended, BANDUNG’S TOWN HALL FESTIVAL 2010 (Saturday, 16-10-10).

The event was held to celebrate the anniversary of Bandung that the 2nd century! Oh dear my town is pretty old! Hehehe.
Earlier that day (H-1), I sempatkan to simply “see” the state of the primary location of the celebration, which is on Jl. Merdeka, precisely in the main street of Bandung city, close to the town hall. I went to the site approximately 10 pm. Road section has been blocked. But the community can freely for a walk, enjoying the quiet Jl.Merdeka, which usually always crowded by vehicles, day and night. At that time, there are several preparatory activities to build the stage. The rest, I’m not too concerned.

The next day, I woke up and prepared to see the events I’ve been waiting for. And promptly at 7:30 am I was leaving (I went early in the morning because the event is scheduled to start at 8). But my guess fumble …… : P

It turned out that the show really got started around 10 o’clock. While I was waiting for hours behind the iron fence barrier, jostling with other visitors, and also sweating! * Huft *. The event began with the welcome arrival of the Mayor, Dada Rusada. After that speech, followed by the traditional Sundanese dances, with a group of dynamic and attractive dancers,  as the opening event.

However, due to the heat of the sun, legs stiff, also sweat starts to drip, I finally decided to come out from the crowd, and wanted to see for myselves to other parts of Jl.Merdeka, a gathering place of the carnival participants. And sure enough, the parade participants have been prepared, extends to penetrate Jl.Ir.H.Juanda (Dago). It’s festive!

The participants of the carnival are diverse. From young to old. From the official agency to diverse community club in Bandung. Private and government. All come together to enliven the birthday party of our beloved  city. Some of the marching band truly enliven the atmosphere. There are unique attractions that are served by carnival participants, as did the members of the Vespa Club, or lovers of old-fashioned bicycles, Club Ontel. Exciting, unique and funny too! And it all ends approximately at 2 pm. And I went home with happy hearts, bringing these exciting events documentation as a souvenir 🙂 .



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