Street Performers @ Car Free Day

Like the previous Sunday morning, I started to walk away for the sake of healthy self. The main objective: Dago. Why? Because Jl.Dago in the morning (until 10 am), closed to all motor vehicles, and become a sports arena to the public.

Many unique events, in fact, that we can see when in Jl.Dago on Sunday when the car free day. See people walking or running, that’s normal. See people ride bikes, too ordinary. But there was something unique, such as street performers.

For example, a male, not known, he likes to show skill to skate by doing the attraction zigzag using plastic cups, with a high speed. I think it shows a pretty fantastic, because the street is bustling with people walking, or cycling. Quite risky. And indeed, as alleged, when he began to play, amid the action, there are people or whatever it is, block (intentionally or not), and make it fall. Huh .. also sorry for him. Or, someone who deliberately or not, shifting or stepping on a plastic cup that had he set it straight. Wow, really annoying! But, well … That’s the risk if the attraction in a crowd.

A public agency conduct exhibitions, and presenting the typical Indonesian martial arts, “pencak silat”. The performer, a little boy, with a lively and alert to the movements, accompanied tetabuhan, “kendang pencak” (martial drums). First time I see martial arts displayed in the car free day!

And a band group street, who sang reggae songs, which is interspersed with the poetry theme of social problems, by a street poet. So jarring. Make the people who go jogging also had startled it.

And the funny thing is, a bicycle with a rider wearing a costume that is made (attached), plastic bags, from head to foot, across the street between the band and the audience. Which could provoke attention. Apparently, he is one member of the club’s green lovers. Who are doing presentations on the dangers of plastic bag waste for the environment. Bravo! I support!

That is unique and interesting events that I spent in the car free day this Sunday. 🙂


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