Pasupati Bridge : The Icon

Hi friend reader! Bandung was known as “Gedung Sate” or “Tangkuban Parahu mountain” as its icon. And now, comes the latest icon of Bandung, “Pasupati Bridge.”

Like the big cities in the world, the bridge, as one means of traffic, connecting one place to another place, can also become an icon and a hallmark of the city. For example, the Golden Gate in San Francisco, USA. Similarly Pasupati bridge.
Initially, Pasupati was founded as an answer to the problem of congestion in the streets of Bandung. Then, built a bridge overpass (fly-over) on June 26, 2005, which connects Jl. Terusan Pasteur (Dr. Junjunan) with Jl. Surapati, and came the name “Pasupati”. The project is funded by the government of  Kuwait. The contractors are responsible for this project are: PT Wijaya Karya and PT Waskita Works from Indonesia, and the Combined Group Co. of Kuwait.

Is development Pasupati has really solve congestion problems in Bandung? I think personally, the answer may be yes, could not. Because, based on personal experience, I feel that the bridge is. My journey from home to work faster. However, after a few kilometers “escape” from the bridge , again, I face the traffic jam :p .

Even so, I am still grateful and proud, with the construction of a bridge which has a characteristic Pasupati: carrot top. That is, an orange color on top. Also use the construction of “cable-stayed”. With a length of 2147 m and 21.53 m wide, placing the bridge as the longest bridge Pasupati ranked 2 out of 10 longest bridges in Indonesia (after Suromadu Bridge in East Java).

There are several interesting things that I can see that happening in Pasupati. Especially when Saturday night (weekend). The young people make Pasupati as a venue for “socialization.” For those who are dating, the couple who brought a motorcycle, taking the time to stop at the edge of the bridge, to just be looking at the city of Bandung from the bridge. It is sometimes quite romantic, as well as cheap tourist facilities. 🙂
And when the middle of the night, precisely at midnight, some motorbike gang, making a quiet Pasupati bridge as the motor racing arena! It was thrilling!

But I heard rumors that Pasupati bridge users will be charged, such as toll road users, I also feel sad and (of course) objected! Because, this bridge has really helped all the citizens of Bandung (and not a citizen). Especially for people who are economically “less able”. Imagine if the bridge applied tariffs, it could have some road users who return to the ordinary streets, and roads get jammed. Or queuing at the gates of the portal entrance bridges, and even then will add jammed roads. It’s something to be reckoned carefully …..



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