The Appetite : Sundanese Complete Timbel Rice

This morning, after walking in the morning, I took a stop at a roadside stall tent. Presents typical Sundanese food, one of which “the complete-Timbel Rice (nasi timbel komplit)”! Yummm!

The complete Rice Timbel, is typical Sundanese food

that can be found in every Sundanese restaurant, or

Sundanese food stall, as I went to this.

The complete Timbel Rice consists of one timbel rice roll of white rice (or

brown rice). The rice is rolled? Yup! Compacted rice, and wrapped in banana

leaves, then rolled up like a tube. Timbel  Rice typically are presented with,

among others: chicken grilled / fried, salted fish “jambal”, fried tofu  (or

“tempe”), “gepuk” (pounded cooked meat), lalaban (fresh raw vegetabes, such

as basil, cucumber, lettuce), “sambal terasi” (shrimp-paste sauce or tomato

sauce), plus “sayur asem” (tamarind vegetables). That’s all well served when it

is hot. And drink, with orange juiceor just a sweet hot tea,

hmmmm … the complete Timbel Rice is very delicious! You

should try it! 🙂



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