Greenness and Coolness in the Central City: Juanda Forest Park

If you want to find a coolness, lush and full of greenery, away from the crowded and congested city, but also not far from the city of Bandung, maybe you should visit the place on this one: Tahura JUANDA.

Tahura JUANDA, short for “Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Juanda” or grand forest park Ir.H.Juanda.  At first Tahura Juanda known as “Curug Dago” (curug = waterfall), the establishment was inaugurated by the President on January 14, 1985 (RI Presidential Decree no.3 of 1985).
The location of this grand forest park which is in District Cicadas and District Lembang. Therefore, entering the natural attractions of this area can go through several doors, the door in Dago area and in Lembang area. Ticket prices 8,000 and 10,000 rupiah.

Entering this area, you will enjoy the shade and the thick trees of various species of trees, which are dominated by pine (Pinus), Kaliandra (Calliandra maculata), Bamboo (Bambusa sp.) And a variety of plant species under such plants Teklan (Euphatorium sp.). Also , you’ll meet some animal species, namely Weasel (Paradoxurus Herma paproditus), Squirrel (Callosciurus notatus), monkey (Macaca insularis) and various species of birds such as Kepondang (Oriolus chinensis), Kutilang (Pycnontus caferaurigaster) and forest Chicken (Gallus Gallus bankiva).

There also you’ll see several waterfalls, which are Dago Waterfall and Omas Waterfall, which height to 35 meters. There also can be found a statue of Mr. Ir. H. Juanda (located in the middle of the plaza), where there you and your family, also friends to gather, unwind for a moment, even for lunch. When I was there, in the plaza, a group of children practicing the original game Sundanese village children, to be staged there.

If you are lovers of history, then there are also historic relics, namely in the form of stone inscriptions, and artificial caves, relics of Dutch colonialism and Japanese (Goa Belanda and Goa Jepang). My experience, when entering the artificial caves are quite exciting as well as thrilling. At that time, my friend and I, accompanied by a guide, must be provided by at least two large flashlights (which I have to rent it), because in there pretty dark (and slightly scary!). The hallways in the cave quite complicated. So beware! You will be lost if not memorized the twists and turns of the cave.

From the location of these caves, you can briefly rest in a simple stalls, which sell hot coffee, fried and instant noodle. Or you can simply continue the journey to the waterfall omas. If you do not feel a strong run, there is some “ojeg” (motorbike rental) that are available to take you there. It took about two hours to reach the waterfall. Ojeg just drive you to the tip of a red iron bridge fenced. After that you must walk, through the up and down and winding road. And finally, you will see a suspension bridge that has been given a safety, where the river flows underneath. The river was named Cikapundung plenty of water volume dropped from a height of 30 meters so as to form a waterfall. This is Curug Omas. Under this bridge there are Curug Omas or Waterfall Omas.

Not far from the waterfall omas, you can enjoy a hot bath Maribaya. The antrence ticket price 3.000 rupiah. In this hot water bath you can soak rollicking, or themselves in a private place (room). Maribaya is one of the famous thermal baths in the area of Bandung before any hot water bath Ciater or Sari Ater. This location is a tourist attraction since the Dutch. Starting around since the late 19th century, and a favorite location until the 1980’s to hot water bath.


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