White Paradise in Tatar Sunda : White Crater , Ciwidey

When you think of Bandung is only a densely populated city, congestion on city streets, shopping malls and night entertainment that is quite expensive, then you are wrong! Bandung like a “paradise” that is hidden on the island of Java. Beautiful natural panorama stretching across Parahiangan. One of them …. Kawah Putih (White Crater), Ciwidey, South Bandung.

White Crater is located in Bandung District, Ciwidey. White Crater is a crater lake of Mount Patuha with a height of 2434 meters above sea level with temperatures between 8-22 ° C. At the top Patuha Crater, there’s Kawah Saat (Saat Crater), “saat” mean low tide in Bahasa Sunda, which is in the west and beneath White Crater with a height of 2194 meters above sea level. Both craters were formed by the eruption that occurred at about X and XII centuries ago. White crater is located about 46 km from the city of Bandung or 35 km from the capital, Bandung regency, Soreang, toward Ciwidey.

White crater itself was invented by a German-born Dutch botanist researcher, Dr. Junghuhn Franz Wilhelm (1809-1864) who conducted research in this area. As a scientist, Junghuhn simply do not trust the stories the local community. As he traveled through the wilderness study Patuha, he finally found a beautiful crater lake. Like a volcanic crater, from the lake bursts out of gas and sulfur lava flow, with a pierced nose smells. From this it was revealed that a very high sulfur content that is what causes the birds are reluctant to fly across the top surface of the White Crater’s lake.

White Crater’s lake has distinctive features and unique characteristics. The water in the crater lake may change color, sometimes colored bluish green apple when the hot sun and fine weather, sometimes also the color of milk chocolate. Most often seen in white water is thick with fog over the crater surface. In addition to the crater surface is white, sand and rocks around it were dominated by white color, hence the crater is called White Crater.

To get there, visitors from Jakarta to pass through toll Cipularang continue heading toward the exit toll Kopo Soreang southwards to the town Ciwidey. Approximately 20-30 minutes from town Ciwidey visible sign of entry into the tourist entrance White crater that is to the left of the road. To get to the White crater from the entrance gate area attractions crater White suggested using the vehicle, do not walk away because the road is slightly uphill and quite a distance, that is about 5.6 km or about 10-15 minutes drive. Personal vehicles may indirectly towards the available parking area not far from the crater. While visitors with a large entourage that use bus or public transport can use a special vehicle in the parking area (ojeg or wagon) near the entrance gate to reach the crater from the entrance. Small road conditions and the uphill is not possible to pass a big bus type vehicle or medium. Along the small road, on either side of the road you will find a bunch of edelweiss flower, which is much grown in the highlands and cold.

Public transport to Ciwidey from Bandung can be found in Leuwi Panjang Terminal or Kebon Kalapa Terminal. Having arrived in Ciwidey then proceed using the rural transportation purposes Situ Patenggang. Rural transport that led to this Situ Patenggang crossed attractions in the area of strawberry plantation, White Crater, Ranca Upas, & hot water pools Cimanggu. To be able to explore and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the area Ciwidey and it’s not enough just for one day. And do not forget to bring your warm clothes! 🙂


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6 responses to “White Paradise in Tatar Sunda : White Crater , Ciwidey

  • ptz camera

    hey. I just got word of this unique webpage and I should really believe that this unique is a nice write-up. Bless you for this kind of awesome info.

  • Wylie H.

    Thanks for this info! Went to Ciwidey yesterday and really enjoyed it!

    • bandoenglover

      Hi Wylie! I’m glad you’ve managed to visit Bandung & Ciwidey! how’s the experience? Did you come alone, with family or your friends? BTW, where d’you come from? hopefully your experiences in Bandung, in particular Ciwidey, become your good memories that never be forgotten. :))

  • SC


    Could you recommend some places to stay at Ciwidey? Looking at better quality accommodation (NOT chalet style please).

    Thanks in advcne.

    • bandoenglover

      hi there! I don’t understand what you mean about “chalet style”. But I have some information about Ciwidey’s hotels that you can contact, may be useful:

      Prana Tirta Jln Rancawalini Ciwidey 5927050, Rancabali

      Cimanggu Cottage Jln Raya Rancabali Ciwidey

      Wisma Palapa Jln Raya Soreang – Ciwidey 5895445

      Hotel Lembah Gembyang Tlp 022 5928998

      Pondok Selly Jl. Raya Ciwidey Tlp 5928260

      Sukarasa Endah Jl Raya Pasir Jambu tlp 022 5928311

      Pondok Unyil jl Baru Tunggul tlp 022 5928250

      Eco Hotel Jl Baru Tunggul RT 004/01 Tlp 5928082

      Sukarasa Indah Hotel Jl. Ciwidey 5928301

      Tirta Selly Hotel Jl. Ciwidey Tlp 5928119

      Kampung Pa’go Jl Soreang – Ciwidey KM 25
      Telp (022) 592 8062
      Fax (022) 592 8062
      HP : 0812 208 3864

      Patuha Resort & Pemandian Cimanggu
      Perhutani KPH Bandung Selatan
      Jl. Cirebon No. 4 Bandung
      Telp 022 – 720 8310
      Bpk. Subarno: 081 321 771 810
      Bpk. Darmono: 081 320 298 718
      Bpk. Oce: 081 841 2812
      Rate mulai 50K/malam/orang (kamar sharing)

      Hotel Abang Jl. Raya Ciwidey No. 500 Km.2
      Telp 022 – 592 8235 – 592 8429
      Bpk. Acep: 081 321 607 257

      Argapuri Resort Jl. Raya Gambung Km. 6 Pasir Jambu
      Telp 022 – 592 8816 – 18, 592 8200

      Hotel Sindang Reret Jl. Raya Propinsi Ciwidey Kab. Bandung
      Telp 022 – 592 8205

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