Childhood Memorable Playground : Bandung Zoo & Traffic-Theme Park Ade Irma Nasution

When I was a kid, with my parents, I often travel to these two places. My happy childhood and very memorable I spent and enjoy there, along with thousands of children ….. on “Bandung Zoo” and “Traffic-Theme Park Ade Irma Suryani Nasution”.

Bandung Zoo is located on Jl. Taman Sari, across campus ITB. Located in the middle of town, but in a pretty shady area, full of greenery, an added value to the Bandung Zoo. Because, the townspeople who had tired of living and working in the middle of the hustle and pollution of the city, expect a shady and cool place, close to the actual natural environment.
Founded in 1930 by the Bandung Zoological Park (BZP), which is spearheaded by Director Dennis, Hoogland  previously named Bandung Zoo “derenten”. But in 1957, BZP was dissolved, and changed into “Yayasan Marga Satwa Tamansari” (Wikipedia).

A trip to the zoo including cheap tour. Entrance is only 11,000 rupiah! Inside there you will find various types / species of animals in enclosures, from mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, etc.. Animals faforit I was an elephant. Because they are in place in the largest cage in the zoo. There are several collections of animals including rare animals, which should be protected, such as tiger Kalimantan. Saw the collection of animals at the zoo is very exciting, especially when enjoyed with family, friends, even your lover! (Ehm!).
There is a tradition among Muslims in Indonesia, including Bandung citizen, when the day of Idul Fitri (Lebaran) arrives. Especially on the second day of Eid, people together with their relatives and friends, spending the holiday vacation visiting the zoo. Therefore, the increase zoo visitors so feel at Idul Fitri. The zoo is usually very calm on the day, on the day of the Eid was crowded, full of gaiety residents who enjoy the Lebaran holiday, other than with relatives, but also with the “animal family” at the zoo. : D

But when a pandemic of bird flu virus infecting West Java, zoo affected. Citizens become paranoid to visit places that keep poultry species, one of which is the Bandung Zoo. And that happened in the year 2008. However, over the treatment and prevention of bird flu virus, public confidence on zoo in the gradually increasing. They started visiting the zoo.

Not only that “temptation” faced by Bandung Zoo. In 2008 the Bandung Zoo had “threatened” close of business! This is because the outcome of the review team observers from international organizations such as the South East Asian Zoo Association-EAZA. The core results of the visit was one of them pushing for Bandung Zoo immediately improve animal cages. If 4 years from the time the zoo management did not comply, then the zoo will be closed! It certainly will make the citizens of Bandung sad, because the only zoo that the city had to be closed …. forever. : ‘( So, I personally, strongly supports the zoo management to continuously improve the comfort of shelter animals, and of course comfort zoo visitors as well.

Well, now let’s visit to the theme park, a fairly “senior” theme-park in Bandung. Traffic-theme park “Ade Irma Nasution”, located on Jl. Belitung no. 1. The area was a swamp. But after a run, this place becomes an interesting place to be used as tourist attractions. Then, on March 1, 1958, it became a beautiful children’s playground, especially to provide an orderly educational about traffic manner. While naming the park : “Ade Irma Nasution”, is a tribute to commemorate the daughter of an Indonesian hero, victim of G-30-S/PKI savagery.

The main purpose of this playground was established to educate children as early as possible to know the traffic etiquette. Therefore, the most effective approach to children about these things is by playing methods. Traffic-theme park Ade Irma Nasution is the first playground in Indonesia who did this.
Playing facilities are quite complete and entertaining enough for the consumption of children aged 5-12 years. From the mini train, car-nobilan, swimming pool, merry-go-round, swings, seesaw, etc.. Traffic-theme park is an open playground, which is pretty cool and shady. And of course, almost every corner of the area, there are trappings associated with traffic, such as traffic signs and traffic lights. Because the area is quite spacious park, this place is sometimes used as the location of the procurement of an event, are like painting competition, fashion shows, singing competitions ….. which of course, specifically for children.

So, for those of you who have children, or little brother, and wanted to entertain them with low cost, come to Ade Irma Nasution Traffic-Theme Park. Therefore, the joy of childhood, can not be replaced with anything, and make the most beautiful memories until we’re old….. 😉


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