Tour-Science at the Bandung’s Museum of Geology : Geological Sciences Souvenirs

Sometimes, when my friends from out of town visit to Bandung for a vacation, they just asked me to take around Bandung, visiting natural attractions, shopping and culinary tourism. Because they just know it! They forget about a place, which is practically not atourist attraction “in general”. More likely on a scientific tour : to research and addscience. However, according to my personal opinion, this place could become a tourist attraction all circles, cheap, and increase our knowledge insights …… that place is the Bandung’s Geology Museum.

Bandung’s Geology Museum, located on the main street of Bandung, Jl. Diponegoro No.57 . The museum is a  historic buildings. Founded on May 16, 1928. This museum has been renovated with donations from JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). After undergoing renovations, the Museum of Geology reopened and inaugurated by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Megawati Sukarnoputri on August 23, 2000. As one of the historic monuments, museum are under government protection and is a national heritage. In this museum, are stored and managed geological materials are abundant, such as fossils, rocks and minerals. All of them were collected during field work in Indonesia since 1850.

With this new arrangement demonstration of the Museum of Geology is divided into 3 rooms which include History of Life, Geology of Indonesia, and Geology and Human Life. As for the collection of documentation, available storage facilities are moreadequate collections. It is expected that the management of sample collection at the museum will be more accessible to users of both researchers and industry groups.
Since 2002 the Museum of Geology whose status is Geological Museum Section, has been raised to UPT Museum of Geology. To perform its duties and functions well, formed two sections and 1 Part of Demonstration Section, Documentation Section, andAdministration Sub-section-business. In order to further optimize its role as aninstitution that promotes science of geology, Geology Museum also conducts activities such as lectures, exhibitions, seminars and activities of survey research for the development of demonstration and documentation of collections.

The shift function of the museum, in step with advances in technology, making the museum of geology as:
– Place of education outside of school are related to the earth and its preservationefforts.
– Where people make an initial assessment prior to field research. Where is theMuseum of Geology as a center for earth science information that describes the state ofthe earth’s geological Indonesia in the form of a collection of visual aids.
Geowisata object of interest.


Museum building consists of 2 floors:
-Level 1: consists of a large map of Indonesian geography, simulating the formation ofthe earth and the mountains, a collection of rocks and crystals geology research resultsin all regions in Indonesia. Also you will find the history of human evolution on earth(Darwin’s theory), a collection of human skulls and a collection of prehistoric animals, prehistoric plant fossils as well, which is found in Indonesia. Then there is the history of the formation of the legendary Lake of Bandung, it is displayed in the form of panels.
-Level 2: consists of geological demonstration room for human life. There is a large scale model of the largest mines in Indonesia. There are also several small rooms whose contents about the benefits of geology to human life, as well as drawing panel mineral resource distribution in Indonesia, recording view of exploration and exploitation of mineral resources. There is also a room that contains information about the use of minerals in everyday life, both traditional and modern, way of processing and management of mineral and energy commodities, the exposure of information about various types of geological hazards (negative aspects) such as land slade, volcano eruption, etc. also the positive aspects of geology mainly deals with the symptoms of mountain-fire. There also explained about the water resources and their utilization, as well as environmental influences on the sustainability of the resource.
Woah! Cool, isn’t it! So, not only your stomach is full, because culinary tourism; or freshbody-shape, because the natural attractions, or you get cool appearance, because the shopping …. but your insight and your knowledge is greatly increased, with tourism sciences at the museum! So, let’s trips to the Bandung’s MUSEUM OF GEOLOGY ! 🙂

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