Kampung Gajah : Just Beautifully Fun Place

Holidays have arrived. And for all of you who celebrate Christmas, I say Merry Christmas! May happiness and peace for all of us! ūüôā

Some of us have a holiday or time off work in order to celebrate Christmas and new year. Perhaps, you have been planning to travel with your family, your friends, or even alone. Well, specially for those who are planning a vacation to Bandung this holiday with family or friends (not alone), there is a place where you can have fun, and relax as a same time. Hmm, curious isn’t it?! ūüėČ Its name is KAMPUNG GAJAH (Elephant Village). Surely you will immediately imagine a large place, to maintain and train the elephants! (as in Waykambas, Lampung, Sumatra). Woah! If so, you are wrong!

Kampung Gajah is located on Jl. Sersan Bajuri KM 3.8. This tourist location has an area of 58 hectares, at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. Previously, this area is an elite settlement. But by the owner, ¬†Jeff Kurniawan, this place has transformed into an amazing tourist attractions. Some elephant statues as decoration that has existed before, the inspiration for naming these tourist sites. The view here is so vast green stretches. Cool weather, and you can see the city from up there. That’s just part of Kampung Gajah privileges that you will encounter.

For those of¬†you¬†who¬†visit¬†with¬†family¬†and friends, many¬†activities¬†/¬†outdoor games¬†are¬†fun¬†and¬†exciting¬†that¬†you can¬†try!¬†Call¬†it:¬†Teletubbies¬†ATV,¬†ATV¬†cross,¬†kids play ground,¬†horse¬†riding, tandem¬†bikes, mini tricycles, wagon¬†limousine,¬†and¬†jogging track.¬†Visitors¬†also¬†can ride¬†a¬†Segway, a future ride¬†eco¬†vehicle ¬†environmentally friendly. Then there is the¬†mini¬†moto, rafting,¬†sky¬†riders (skyrider¬†with a¬†length of¬†430¬†meters¬†is¬†the¬†longest¬†in¬†Indonesia), luge, and waterboom (which¬†can accommodate 50-10¬†thousand¬†people).¬†Waterboom¬†that lies between¬†the valleys¬†is¬†planned for¬†completion¬†and¬†could be¬†in operation¬†later this year .¬†Wooah!¬†Exciting isn’t it!¬†Imagine¬†you¬†will scream and laugh at the same time with¬†family¬†and¬†friends.¬†Creating¬†a¬†warm atmosphere¬†and¬†fun!

And it is not complete if this fun activity without a dish that the appetite! Elephant Village provides a variety of national menu (especially the typical Sundanese menu) and international, such as : fish  thai  mango,  oxtail,  spicy  hot  chicken, grilled ribs rica,  grilled ribs and sausages roasted soya / fried. Kampung Gajah has prepared cafes and restaurants, and has collaborated with 30 tenants, ready to pamper your tongue and tummy!
In addition to culinary, this place also gives you the satisfaction to shop. Kampung Gajah in cooperation with several factory outlets. Plus, a convention hall which can be used organize weddings, or other events, such as music performance, because this hall can  accommodate 3-4 thousand people!


Well, for those¬†who¬†want to¬†travel¬†with¬†a little “challenges”¬†are¬†fun,¬†with¬†people¬†you¬†love, you¬†should¬†visit¬†to¬†Kampung¬†Gajah! ¬†The place¬†where the¬†warmth of¬†friendship¬†and¬†joycan¬†be found¬†at the same time!



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