HAPPY HOLIDAY! Hunting for Jasmine Type Hotels in Bandung

Happy holidays! For those of you who are now on holiday and intend to travel to Bandung, of course, inn / hotel is one of the main things to think about. Especially when you come to bandung in a long time,  especially  to celebrate the new year!  Well,  if you do not book hotels ahead of time, you are going to  run out of room! But sometimes we forget, or not had time to book a hotel, and even just go direct travel. This article will review some inns / hotels (not “stars” class hotels type)  “jasmine” type, which might be an alternative of your choice!

There are several hotel options type “jasmine” in the city of Bandung. This class hotels in addition to “bloom” in the city of Bandung, but also relatively cheap and convenient.

1) Bumi Asih (location: North Bandung)
Is a hotel with Dutch architecture, is next to government buildings in Bandung, Gedung Sate. The place is very beautiful and calm, because there are gardens filled with trees and other ornamental plants. The landlord intentionally does not change the design and concept, to develop a nostalgic atmosphere of the past. Strategic location, in downtown, close to shopping places, cafes, restaurants, and Gasibu. Oh yes, the field Gasibu when Sunday became the location of “shock market”, where the sellers of various kinds of goods there, and certainly with a very affordable price.
Room Facilities: All rooms are equipped air conditioning, bathroom with bathtub and hot & cold water shower, telephone, mini bar, radio and TV cabel.
Location: Jl. Cimalaya No. 1, Phone: 022-4201822, 4240709, Fax: 022-4233208, Website: http://www.bumiasih.com, E-mail: bumiasih@bdg.centrin.net.id

2) Bumi Sawunggaling (location: Central Bandung)
This hotel was built in 1920 by a Dutch architecture. Building with art deco architecture, the hotel is registered in Bandung Herritage. Its location just 10 minutes from the toll gate Pasteur, and 300 meters from ITB campuss, zoo, 10 minutes into the BIP mall on Jl. Merdeka or to Jl. Cihampelas. Having a meeting room, cafe (which can be used as a reception venue), beauty spa, business center with internet facilities and hot spots, drug stores, art shop, travel service (taxi and transport tickets) and laundry.
Room Facilities: air-conditioning, bathroom with bath tub or hot & cold shower, telephone, cable TV, mini bar.
Location: Jl. Sawunggaling No. 13, Phone: 022-4218254, 4212045, 4212043, Fax: 022-4218253, E-mail: bumisawunggaling@telkom.net.

3) Lodaya Hotel (location: South Bandung)
The hotel is suitable for those of you who travel with family. Or traveling for business. Because this place is “hommy”, and located in an area easily accessible public transportation. Also suitable for you, “back-packer”, which rely on public transportation.
Located in front of the book market, Palasari. Palasari known as a cheap book market (new and used), which mostly sells school books and lectures (I immediately thought of the days of school and college. hehehe). So, for those of you who like reading books, “heaven” is on the front of your eyes! It only takes 20 minutes from the airport and railway station to the hotel. And 10 minutes into the BSM (Bandung Super Mall).
It has a multipurpose room, meeting rooms, drug stores, restaurants, cafe and travel service and laundry.
Room facilities: Each room has air conditioning, cable TV, hot & cold shower or bathtub, and telephone.
Location: Jl. Lodaya no. 83, Phone: 022-7300251 (hunting), Fax: 022-7322990, E-mail: info@hotellodaya.com, Website: http://www.hotellodaya.com

4) Yehezkiel Hotel (location: East Bandung)
Located in an area easily accessible public transportation, especially private cars. Because, from the overpass, Pasupati, you just keep walking down Jl. Surapati (Jl. PHH. Mustopa) and will soon find this hotel. Due to the easily accessible variety of vehicles, because it was in the main street, you easily travel anywhere from there. Hotels near sport-field Gasibu, Gedung Sate, various restaurants, and a leading  T-Shirt maker in Bandung, “C-59”. This hotel has complete hotel facilities, with friendly service and satisfying.
Room facilities: Each room has air conditioning, cable TV, hot & cold shower, telephone, coffee maker. The rooms are ample sized. Parking area can hold 30 cars.
Location: Jl. PPH. Mustopa (Surapati) No.191-193, Phone: 022-2502383, Fax: 022-2506423, Website: http://www.yehezkielhotel.com, E-mail: infohotel@yehezkielhotel.com.

5) Cherry Homes & Residence (location: West Bandung)
The hotel has a minimalist concept architect. It has a modern and luxurious interior shades, along with a skilled service, professional and friendly. Located right in front of the toll gate of Pasteur, and slightly into the road that a bit less good in Babakan Jeruk, but who would have thought, in this place you will find a jasmine type hotel that quite exclusive. Dining room is on each floor. There is also entertainment room with TV 32 “, and internet access. Basement parking area, and outdoor can accommodate up to 100 cars.
Room facilities: Each room has air conditioning, cable TV, hot & cold shower, and desk work.
Location: Jl. Babakan Jeruk IV No. 37-39, Pasteur, Phone: 022-2021628, 2021629, 2004597, Fax: 022-2000598, Website: http://www.cherry-homes.net.

6) Yehezkiel Lembang Hotels (location : Bandung District)
Right! The hotel is still the same group with Yehezkiel Bandung Hotels (Jl. PHH. Mustopa). Located 500 meters from the vegetable market in Lembang, Maribaya direction. Besides Maribaya, tourist destinations in this area is “The Ranch”, which is a tourist area on horseback riding, which is located right next to this hotel. So, for those of you who like horseback riding, or want to try to learn to ride a horse, you should visit this place. Indeed the hotel is far away to places of tourist shopping, but the location is cool and calm. Suitable for you, your family or your friends, who seek peace, to relax and be free from the noise of the city. Remember, Lembang is a plateau region, which is famous for its natural attractions, such as dairy farms, where you’ll find places where there are sale of pure cow milk, or strawberry gardens are delicious and fresh! Not just a hotel, Yehezkiel also have cottages, and has a ballroom, auditorium, and meeting rooms as well.
Room facilities: Each room is equipped hot & cold shower facilities, TV, dressers and living room.
Location: Jl. Maribaya No. 11B Lembang, Phone: 022-2787133, Fax: 022-2786677.

Those are some jasmine type hotels in several locations in Bandung, which can be an alternative for you, your family and your friends to stay, during the holiday in Bandung. So, happy holidays! Enjoy! 🙂


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