The Flower City

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! Hopefully this year is a good year for all of us. All our hopes and our ideals, become a reality. Everything be better. Amen.

Bandung is known by various nicknames. One of these “Bandung the flower city.” Actually, it’s an old nickname. Precisely from the time Indonesia was still under Dutch rule. At that time, the Dutch government requires that every person planted their yard with flowers. Be thankful the citizens of Bandung, thanks to the “rule”, Bandung is really a city of flowers! The actual flowers! ….. until now.

Bandung at the present moment, you could say, far from worthy of being called as the flower city, but still there are places where we can enjoy, filled with green leaves and colorful flowers.
Call it the place Cihideung. For the citizens of Bandung, this place is famous for its full type of plants, especially flowers. Because this place is the place where the people live from selling crops. Good for individual consumption, or large companies (large scale). In fact, not least the owners tenan sales, providing services garden arrangement also, when you need it.

Cihideung is a plateau region. Temperatures are cool and comfortable, which spelled out in accordance with the agribusiness that was involved almost 80% of its citizens. And to reach the location was fairly easy. Only 20 km from Bandung. Can be reached by public transport or private vehicle. Especially if you are from out of town or not familiar with roads in Bandung, you should navigate your vehicle through the road towards Lembang Cipaganti or Sukajadi. You will pass UPI (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia), formerly known as IKIP (the Teachers’ Training College in Bandung). Then it will pass through Terminal Ledeng, and immediately turn left, enter Sersan Bajuri road, from there you just follow the main road, and will soon be there.

In Cihideung you can find many plants and seeds, along with fertilizers, growing media, and anything related to plants and gardening. There are many decoration plants / flowers, there are also cut plants / flowers. Decoration plants / flowers usually planted in the yard of residential or office buildings, while the cut plants / flowers, usually used for decoration, such as wedding ceremonies, birthday, etc. You can find various flowers such as roses, jasmine, lily, gladiolus, carnations, lilies, orchids, sunflowers, etc., until the plants from the smallest to the biggest, such as: various grasses, cactus, palms, bonsai , coconut trees, banana trees fan, frangipani trees, etc. You also can find, the various river stones, garden lights, fountains, statues, garden urns, etc. Not just flowers or ornamental plants, if you are looking for fruit trees, like guava, mango or orange, you can also find there. And remember, all those can be found with a very affordable price! The farmers are cultivating crops agribusiness not only for local consumption (Bandung), but sold to other cities, like Jakarta, Bekasi, Tasik and Garut. There are even being sold to foreign countries, like Singapore and Malaysia! :0

Cihideung potential as a tourist agribusiness Bandung. There are several exclusive restaurants which can be found there, such as: Kampung Daun, “Sapu Lidi” (Broom Sticks), The Peak and Balcony, with beautiful panorama. However, you will be somewhat difficult to find adequate parking area in Cihideung.

And there is one more place, where you can find cut flowers for decorating your home, or simply as a gift, without having to go far outside downtown. The place is located in downtown Bandung, namely Wastukencana Flower Market. Right! Flower market is located right alongside a highway Wastukencana. You will easily get the location, almost all public transport pass it.

Flower market area consists of stalls florists, who serve you on the need for cut flowers, or which has been arranged in vases. In addition, they accept reservations for flower arranging boards of congratulations or condolences. Usually the flower sales increase when religious holiday, such as Idul Fitri and Christmas. Especially early in the month of Ramadan, Muslims usually go on a pilgrimage to the cemetery, and requires a lot of cut flowers. And on the night before Idul Fitri comes, as tradition, the citizens of Bandung go hunting tuberose flowers, for decorating at their home.

That is just two heavenly flower place in Bandung, which I reviewed in my article, because there are many other flowering places in Bandung. And hopefully, will continue to grow, and prove the nickname “Bandung the flower city” is not just a mere nickname.


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