Combro, Misro & Bala-bala : Greasy Delicacy

Everyone, from the old, until the young, like to snack. Including me! There are many kinds of snacks / street foods typical  Bandung (Sundanese). Some of those are “comro” , “misro” and “bala-bala“. Mmm … yummy!

Fried snacks are familiar to the tongue all the citizens of Bandung. For example, fried bananas, fried tempeh and sweet potato fries. Well, there is no such thing as “comro”, “misro” and “bala-bala”. For the citizens of Bandung was not surprised anymore with these 3 snacks, because Bandung was the origin of these fried snacks. And 3 fried snacks, is now known to everyone, maybe all the people of Indonesia. “Comro” (often called “combro”), an abbreviation of “oncom dijero” (Sundanese), which means: oncom therein. “Misro”, an abbreviation of: “amis dijero” (Sundanese), which means : sweet in it (coz there is liquid palm sugar in it). While “bala-bala”, is not the abbreviation! (hehe). It’s a snack, that the term taken from Sundanese, which is “bala”, which means “scattered”. What is scattered? the carrots and cabbage, mixed, seem scattered and irregular.

From I was a child to adult now, I live not far from these 3 types of snacks. Why? Because the three kinds of traditional snacks is very easy to obtain. Almost all parts of Bandung, there are traders fried snacks, and surely there is one, or all of them sold in the cart. In addition, those snacks are relatively inexpensive, because all  economic levels can afford it. It feels? mmmm …. delicious! 😉 And also, quite easy to make! You wanna know? Here goes the recipe ….

Comro/Combro ‘n’ Misro

– one large cassava
– coconut 200 grams (the amount can be adjusted with desire)
– scallions
– salt
– a little tapioca flour

oncom (but can be replaced with tempeh)
– red onion
– garlic
– cayenne pepper
– salt
– white sugar
– basil

How to make :
– grated cassava, squeeze, and waste water results feelings (optional), for combro rather dry.
– add a tablespoon of tapioca flour (optional)
– mix with chopped spring onion, salt, mix well.
– for stuffing: puree onion, garlic, cayenne pepper (a lot), and stir-fry until fragrant. Enter oncom that already pounded rough, green onion, salt, white sugar, stir fry until cooked and fragrant, and enter the basil. chill.
– take the dough skin, round shape and flaten it, give oncom stuffing, close it back, round it as big as a golf ball (can be adjust with your desire), then ready to be fried.
– cooking with hot oil and soaked until golden brown, lift, ready to serve.

As for misro, essentially the same material like making combro, you just replace the oncom/tempeh with palm sugar (to taste). Palm sugar is hard, when misro  fried, it’ll  melt in it. And when misro eaten, it will taste sweet, the liquid palm sugar that melts in your mouth. Mmmm ….. Both, combro or misro, preferably served hot, accompanied with a cup of hot sweet tea (or plain tea), surely you’ll taste more delicious day! 🙂


Ingredient :
cabbage 1 / 4 kg
carrots about 2 pieces, medium size
flour 1 / 4 kg
leek, about 5 sticks
salt and bouillon powder to taste.

How to Make:
– finely sliced cabbage and carrots, wash, add the sliced leeks.
– put the flour in a separate place, give enough water to a certain thickness, add salt and bouillon powder. Add sliced cabbage and carrots. stir well. fry in hot oil. Enter the batter into hot oil, with the size of a tablespoon, one by one until the dough runs out.
bala bala ready to serve! (usually, bala-bala is served / eaten along with cayenne pepper (cabe rawit, ind).

In Bandung, there are some fried snacks taders, which are quite famous and legendary, and has many customers, such as:

Gorengan Cendana (Cendana’s Fried Snacks)
(Jl.Cendana,behind Taman Pramuka, open daily at 16.00 WIB-finish)

This is one fried snacks selling place that’s so famous in Bandung. Located on Cendana Street, behind Taman Pramuka (Scouts Park) Bandung. The place is easy to reach, because it is located in the city center. The owner is Mr. Yusuf Amin (53 yo), which has pioneered this effort from 1977. Every kind of fried snacks he sale always sold outd. His customer come from every kind of people, every levels. And do you know, he (Mr. Yusuf Amin) earn 3-4 billion rupiah per day, or approximately 90-120 million rupiah per month! Wow! Great, isn’t it! All business when engaged with the resilient and professional, will eventually bear fruit of success, such as Mr. Yusuf!

Combro Mang Iying (Uncle Iying’s Combro)
(Jl.Lodaya, next Lodaya Hotel, daily open at 16.00 WIB-finish)

Mang Iying’s Fried snacks cart hung next to Hotel Lodaya (Jl. Lodaya). The place is very homely wares, but his variety of fried snacks are so delicious. Oncom in his combro is sweet and spicy. The outer layer combro, made from best cassavas, so his combro not feel hard. Anoter fried snacks he sales are fried bananas, fried tofus and bakwan, which is more enjoyable while hot. Yummmm!

Mrs. Tjiong’s Fried Banana “SIMANALAGI”
(Jl. Dalem Kaum No.10 (near Alun-alun Bandung), phone : 022-4207382/91209064/087821375333; daily open at 09.00-18.00 WIB)
Mrs. Tjiong has proven that selling fried snacks can survive up to 60 years, and has no branches. At first she only sells fried bananas and fried tofu. There are 2 kinds of  Mrs. Tjiong’s fried banana : fried fan banana, raw materials must bananas horn (pisang tanduk, ind.), and the usual fried bananas, she used banana king feathers (pisang raja bulu, ind.). Now fried banana growing collection, there are banana horn, fried fan banan, fried king banana, gegodoh, combro, yam balls, gandasturi, oncom tofu, Gehu, peuyeum Bali, Cireng, bala-bala, Batagor, lumpia Semarang, and various traditional cakes. Fry process carried out at the front of the store, so buyers can see directly. Oh yes, don’t forget to order cold sarsaparila soft drink to acompany you while eating fried snack there. Quite refreshness! 🙂
So, for you fans of greasy snacks, please try to create one, or more easily, buy it! : D But remember, fried snacks, oily and the cholesterol is quite high. So, eat wisely. Bon appetite! 😉

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