The Big Sundial : PUSPA IPTEK Padalarang

On this occasion, I wish you a happy Eid al-Fitr 1st Shawwal 1432 Hijri, for all Muslims around the world. May Allah bless us all. Amen.
Eid is an official holiday in Indonesia, and all Muslims to celebrate with joy with family, relatives and friends. Vacation to beautiful places and fun is one of them. Might this place, can inspire you.

Previously, I took you trips to the geology museum at Bandung. Tourism is not only fun, but also adds to our insight and knowledge. Well, now, there is one place in Bandung, precisely in Padalarang, which also has the concept of tourism scientific. That place is: PUSPA IPTEK SUNDIAL. Curious, isn’t it? 🙂

PUPSPA IPTEK stands for Pusat Peragaan & Ilmu Pengetahuan or Demonstration Center for Science and Technology, is located exactly at an elite housing complex, resourceful science, namely Kota Baru Parahyangan, at Jl. Raya Padalarang 427, Bandung 40553.

When you visit this place, even if your intention is to travel, I suggest to bring stationery such as pen and paper. Therefore, this one does not travel just to enjoy a state somewhere, but there is also a science that can be studied, and there are things that require our intelligence will be found in that place.

The building is very large and unique. Resembling a giant sundial, an ancient timepiece. From a distance, its architectural form looks so weird. Half is elliptical, while the other half square. While a conical roof, the peak of a long iron to lay down. Iron seemed to be very prominent when most of its length exceeds the limit of the roof. When exposed to sunlight, the shadow that falling on the field from the gnomon, can be read as a timepiece.

In it you will find things related to science. From the tool of the experiment, the results of the present invention, there is even teaching aids that can be used by tourists (mostly associated with physics, but there are also biological sciences). Not surprisingly, visitors majority  PUSPA IPTEK’s visitors are students (high school and college).
Guaranteed, if you and your family there, not only do you get pleasure, but also get valuable knowledge. Admission is not so expensive, about R10,000.00/each. Even for small children aged 2-3 years, free of charge. Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, from about 08:30 am until 16:30 pm WIB.


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