Bandung’s Flea Market : Paradise of Second Hand Treasure

Almost everyone when looking for stuff, of course, want a good quality and affordable (cheap) goods. And certainly, very rare shops, department stores or mall that could accommodate that desire. But there is a place that can fulfill that desire, that is “flea market”. With a little skill in selecting goods and negotiations, surely you will get a cheap and a good quality goods, according to your wishes.

In Bandung there are several well-known flea market, because of their various collection. The quality of goods they sell quite good, and (of course) cheap, and make them become a paradise for some second-hand goods lover.


Places that sale secondhand goods in Bandung have enough enthusiasts, including Cihapit flea market in Cihapit street. Proven this flea market still survive since 1945, including Cihapit street areas, Cibeunying Utara street to Bengawan street.

Although the junks are still there, the goods are sale at Cihapit flea market is dominated by the car audio. Other items such as used auto parts, shoes or used mobile phones, and others.

The traders are now hundreds. Initially they didn’t occupy the stalls as they are now. They sell their goods on a table or sat on the mat. In 1975, the traders had moved to Sadang Serang market. However, because the market is empty of visitors, one by one the traders went back to selling in Cihapit street.


Jatayu Flea Market very well known as the junk market. Visitors not only from Bandung, but also from the towns around Bandung. Along Jln. Jatayu standing stalls street vendors, who selling various of goods. They compete with the owners of stalls in the Market Jayatu, which also sell various engineering tools, electric motors and car parts, iron, and metal.

Jatayu Market stands on land owned by Bandung City Government, while the building is constructed using self-generated traders funds. This market was established in 1957, and in 2006 performed renovation since the building market was not proper.

atayu is located at the street market Supadio Commodore. In this market there were 369 shops, 336 kiosks in an active state, and 33 stalls closed. While the number of traders reached 242 people.

Jatayu area was once famous as a place to trade antiquities. The citizens of Europe, America, and Asia, many who visit this place. However, over the times, antiques are not there anymore, and visitors were limited to local visitors only.

Traders in Jatayu Flea Market majority selling engineering tools, one of which is specifically for indusri spare parts and engineering machinery. About 70% traders selling engineering tools. Goods in Jatayu Flea Market almost 95% are second-handed, and the rest are the new or gress ones. All goods for sale can be tried. Although used goods or junk, but conditions are still worth taking.
Most of the goods sold comes from itinerant junkman, they are visiting from house to house. And also, there are traders who get the goods from the factory that went bankrupt and sold their inventory to Jatayu Flea Market.


Its location not far from Tegal Lega Park, allows you to find the merchants of this secondhand goods. Used goods became the object of views, surely, make the hearts of the buyers attracted to just look around. Flea goods merchants are open along Astana Anyar Street until Pajagalan, Street Tegal Lega, Bandung. For buyers who bring vehicles need not worry, because the merchandise is placed on the side of the road did not interfere traffic flow around it.

Flea stuff lined up by the seller are various. From the typewriter, radio, television mini, gas stove, nintendo, fan, bicycle, analog cameras, baby baskets, rice cooker, even the toilet seat was here. Not only home goods, the flea goods dealers also offer all kinds of automobile accessories, mobile phone accessories, samurai and antiques such as paintings, tools, and kitchen equipment from metal. With a very low price, the buyer can freely buy his favorite items.

Here, shoppers do not be ashamed to hold or try it out first, because the flea merchants here are happy to invite the buyer to test it. The priced for the goods were varied. Start Rp 1,000.00 to Rp 300,000.00. Eventhough the flea seller has priced  the goods, but  the buyers could negotiate all-OUT.


There is one place in the city of Bandung, which sells various collections of books and magazines. This place become an iconic place for bookworms 🙂 . Those books are rarely sold in ordinary bookstores in modern shopping centers. The place is located in West Cikapundung  Street area, precisely in the next of PLN (the Central of National Electricity) West Java & Banten’s building. You can find various books and old magazines to satisfy your interest in reading. From history books to lifestyle and music you can find.

According to the used book seller there, the books are published in the 1800s until the 1900s, originating from local publisher and abroad. As for magazines, mostly published in 2000s. For books and magazines published abroad, mostly from Europe.
Prices of books and magazines that ranged from Rp 10,000 per piece, up to millions rupiahs, depending on the year of publication. The older books and magazines are published, the price will be more expensive.

There is a funny incident when I was a kid that happened in Cikapundung. When walking in to look at books, which I loved the comics, sometimes it comes someone  (or, somehow, the seller) who offers me pornographic books or magazine! At that time Playboy is quite famous “hot magazine”. What makes it funny for me, is the way that man were offering “the hot books / magazine” to me. In whispers, while his face that always looked right and left. As if afraid of getting caught.

So, I expect this topic to adding your insight (the readers) about the attractions in Bandung. Where, even flea markets could be an interesting alternative shopping place for second hand goods, but still viable and good quality. So… keep searching!

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