God the Almighty, created human beings with artistry and creativity. A piece of bamboo can be turned into a beautiful musical instrument. Calung. A Sundanese art masterpiece that became the pride and national identity.

Calung is a Sundanese musical instrument which is the prototype of the angklung. Unlike the angklung is played by shaken while calung played by hitting bamboo tubes that arranged according to the pentatonic (da-mi-na-ti-la). Types of bamboo to make calung (mostly) from “awi wulung” (black bamboo), but some are made ​​from “awi temen” (white bamboo). Calung definition other than as a musical instrument, is also attached as a performing arts designation. There are two forms of  Sundanese calung are known : “calung rantay” and “calung jinjing”.

Calung Rantay

Called calung rantay, because the slats of bamboo tubes lined with hibiscus leather straps (lulub, Sun.) from largest to smallest, the number is 7 or more tube of bamboo. There are two compositions of calung rantay, there are single row and two rows (calung indung and calung anak /calung rincik). Calung rantay played by hitting with two hands, while sitting cross-legged. Usually calung is tied to a tree or house cubicle (calung rantay Banjaran, Bandung), there is also a special holder made ​​from bamboo / wood, such as calung tarawangsa in Cibalong and Cipatujah, Tasikmalaya, and calung rantay in Banjaran and Kanekes / Baduy.

 Calung Jinjing

Calung jinjing, is calung consists of rows of bamboo tubes that held together by a piece of small bamboo (in Sundanese called: paniir). Calung jinjing consists of four or five pieces of bamboo tubes, such as calung kingking (2 bamboo tubes), calung panepas (5 /3 and 2 bamboo tubes), calung jongjrong (5 /3 and 2 bamboo tubes), and calung gonggong (2 bamboo tubes).
A complete group of calung in its development today, only consists of : one set calung kingking, two set calung panempas and one set calung gonggong, without using calung jongjrong. Calung is played by hitting the bamboo tubes (with the right hand) using a paddle, while the left hand carrying the instrument. There are several (Sundanese) techniques to play calung  : dimelodi, dikeleter, dikemprang, dikempyung, diraeh, dirincik, dirangkep (diracek), salancar, kotrek and solorok.



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