GOWES? What is it? That’s a new term for “cycling”. Bandung has a new trend : cycling. Actually, these healthy habits had long done by citizens of Bandung. The pioneer of the trend is the cycling community : Bike to Work Bandung (2007). Cycling, like a snowball phenomenon, which it rolled, and make more greater followers.

Apparently efforts of B2W (Bike to Work) Community yielded positive results. After a long campaign on the benefits of good cycling, the local governments (PEMDA) also responded positively to these efforts. On May 9, 2010 Mayor of Bandung, Haji Dada Rosada, launched the Car Free Day (CFD) precisely at Ir. H. Juanda street (better known as Dago street). Since that day, every Sunday Dago street is blockade from all motor vehicles from 05.00 am until 10.00 am. At first blockade limit point begins from Dago Street just below the Pasupati fly-over, until Simpang Dago (the intersection between Dago – Dipati Ukur street). But the blockade is shifted in 2011, originally from Simpang Dago, down to Dago – Dayang Sumbi intersection.

Increased public interest against the “healthy trend” is how I feel. Usually, every Sunday morning I saw people walking and running for exercise on the streets. But entered 2010, cyclists increased gradually, from various backgrounds and ages. And it isn’t end there, the local governments also take this project seriously. Proved by the holding of several cycling procurement support, such as: provision of  cycling paths, installation of cycling signs, etc. In fact, it will be bicycle rental project . This was informed by Mr. Ridwan Kamil (chairman of the Bandung Creative Comunity Forum / BCCF). According to him, this project has been initiated by providing a temporary bike-stops, that has been built in Taman Sari street, near city jungle, Bumi Siliwangi. Where, according to him, all cyclists can leave / park their cycle there, while they could continue to ride public transportation to workplaces, schools, colleges, etc. Meanwhile, there have been several instances that support this project, donated with 250 units donated bicycles for rent. And will be built also for the kiosk rentals, as well as bike-guard-post.

The one who get benefit from this cycling trend mostly is bike traders. Many places that sell bikes, but in Bandung, there are places that have been famous for its diverse collection of bikes, and most of all, the price is relatively affordable. The place is in Jendral A. Yani Street area, better known Kosambi. Precisely at  Veteran Street intersection. There, you will find many shops that sell various kinds of bikes, from: MTB (mountain biking), BMX, road bikes, racing bikes, kids bikes, folding bikes, fixie bikes, and even tandem bikes.

Not only is the bike seller, but the traders of bicycle accessories also experienced an increase in sales. Even the traders of bicycle accessories and supplies also appear in the Car Free Day Dago, Gasibu, and anywhere. Traders are selling like: cycle-bell, drinking bottle, bike clothes (“Jersey”), short bicycle, bicycle helmet, gloves, goggles sport, until the stickers with a variety of themes to decorate your bike. Usually traders open stalls, by holding their wares on the sidewalk, or on the roadside.

So, my friends. Let’s support cycling! In addition to making us healthy, also helps reduce air pollution (due to motor vehicle pollution), and many more benefits that I can not tell youl one by one. So, pedal your bike mate! Let’s gowes!


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