Blue Line

Bandung Society recently infatuated with the sport bike! It’s called awareness of healthy living, and participate and maintain the environment from pollution!

As an act of fact, the government of Bandung make BIKE LANE! Incidentally blue. So, some major streets of Bandung, colored / painted blue. And I, by chance, find things unique and interesting in connection with this issue!

As in the picture above. Blue Line which is expected to bikers, has turned into a lane “parking cars”! Very unfortunate. The above photo I took on Sunday, which is usually the street was crowded with “market shock” (pasar kaget, ind). Perhaps, because too many vehicle owners and the narrowness of the parking lot, bike path was used. Maybe there needs to a signpost sign that inform: “Weekday bike lane, holiday/weekend parking lane “.  🙂

One more unique thing, some main roads in the city of Bandung is not possible to be used as a bike path. But the city government does not lack of ideas! Therefore, sidewalks are usually as a pedestrian path, “transformed” as a bike lane! Clever isn’t it?! 🙂


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