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GOWES? What is it? That’s a new term for “cycling”. Bandung has a new trend : cycling. Actually, these healthy habits had long done by citizens of Bandung. The pioneer of the trend is the cycling community : Bike to Work Bandung (2007). Cycling, like a snowball phenomenon, which it rolled, and make more greater followers. Continue reading


God the Almighty, created human beings with artistry and creativity. A piece of bamboo can be turned into a beautiful musical instrument. Calung. A Sundanese art masterpiece that became the pride and national identity.
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Lebaran Cuisine : Ketupat (Rice-cake Diamond) & Chicken Opor

Celebrating Eid with typical dishes: rice cake diamond, and chicken opor, hmmmm, what a joy.
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Bandung’s Traditional Transportation

Hi there dear readers! When you visit a place, or even trip, there’s one important thing you need. Yup! Transportation. And when you come to Bandung, you will get a variety of transportation according to your needs. And among these, traditional transportation.

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Romance Beneath The Stars & Planets : Bosscha Planetarium

Why is February so Special? Yup! That’s wright! On 14’s! The Valentine’s Day! On that day all couples create the nuances of romantic, one of them by visiting beautiful wrought-place, which if can enhance intimacy. Candle lite diner for two at a leading restaurant, watching a romantic-comedy film in theatre, lying on a white beach to enjoy the sunset, while slurping a glass of chilled champagne, or just a walk in the city’s park, embraced, under the bright full moon. But it all sounds cliche. And maybe you need another alternative. Maybe …. celebrate the V’s Day with your love one, with the  stars and the planets in the universe …. that you can experience it at : Bosscha Planetarium.

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GONG XI FA CHOI : The Story of Chinatown in Bandung

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Gōngxǐ facai! Hopefully this year we’re all blessed in safety, prosperity, success, and better health.
Today, all citizens of Bandung, in particular residents of Chinese descent, celebrate it with joy. Did you know, Bandung also has a “Chinatown” as well as in other countries. Bandung full of fascinating cultural diversity. One of them is Chinese culture, that influence every aspect of life the citizens of Bandung for a long time.

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From Bandung With Love

Again, I walk in the morning. Apparently I do not get enough of this ritual. Well, in order to maintain health and fitness of the body. And the route was, again, Dago.

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Street Performers @ Car Free Day

Like the previous Sunday morning, I started to walk away for the sake of healthy self. The main objective: Dago. Why? Because Jl.Dago in the morning (until 10 am), closed to all motor vehicles, and become a sports arena to the public.

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Balkot Festiv : Celebrating 200th Bandung’s Anniversary

HOOHAAA! Bandung has turned out a series of monumental events in this month. Yesterday, 10-10-10, ITB’s Art Market. And just ended, BANDUNG’S TOWN HALL FESTIVAL 2010 (Saturday, 16-10-10).

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