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Lebaran Cuisine : Ketupat (Rice-cake Diamond) & Chicken Opor

Celebrating Eid with typical dishes: rice cake diamond, and chicken opor, hmmmm, what a joy.
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Sweet Tradition : Fermented Glutinous Rice

After a long “time off to write” at this my favorite blogs, because of my busy working time, finally, I’m back!
Oh yes, I owe a promise to you, to write an article about “fermented glutinous rice. ” Perhaps, this is the time!

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GONG XI FA CHOI : The Story of Chinatown in Bandung

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Gōngxǐ facai! Hopefully this year we’re all blessed in safety, prosperity, success, and better health.
Today, all citizens of Bandung, in particular residents of Chinese descent, celebrate it with joy. Did you know, Bandung also has a “Chinatown” as well as in other countries. Bandung full of fascinating cultural diversity. One of them is Chinese culture, that influence every aspect of life the citizens of Bandung for a long time.

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PEUYEUM : Hard to Say IT, Easy to Taste IT

So many variety of unique Sundanese culinary flavor in Bandung which you can get. One of them is PEUYEUM (sweet-fermented-cassava). Wow …. how do I say it in English?! Hmmmm …..It’s quite hard to pronounce it for non-Sundanese tongue. But it isn’t hard to taste the unique-sweet flavor of this traditional cuisine, that has became an iconic delicacy in Bandung.

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Combro, Misro & Bala-bala : Greasy Delicacy

Everyone, from the old, until the young, like to snack. Including me! There are many kinds of snacks / street foods typical  Bandung (Sundanese). Some of those are “comro” , “misro” and “bala-bala“. Mmm … yummy!

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Kampung Gajah : Just Beautifully Fun Place

Holidays have arrived. And for all of you who celebrate Christmas, I say Merry Christmas! May happiness and peace for all of us! 🙂

Some of us have a holiday or time off work in order to celebrate Christmas and new year. Perhaps, you have been planning to travel with your family, your friends, or even alone. Well, specially for those who are planning a vacation to Bandung this holiday with family or friends (not alone), there is a place where you can have fun, and relax as a same time. Hmm, curious isn’t it?! 😉 Its name is KAMPUNG GAJAH (Elephant Village). Surely you will immediately imagine a large place, to maintain and train the elephants! (as in Waykambas, Lampung, Sumatra). Woah! If so, you are wrong!

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The Appetite : Sundanese Complete Timbel Rice

This morning, after walking in the morning, I took a stop at a roadside stall tent. Presents typical Sundanese food, one of which “the complete-Timbel Rice (nasi timbel komplit)”! Yummm!

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Beautiful Experiences @ Selasar Sunaryo

Still great memorable moment (for me), ITB’s Art Market 2010. Where many works of art by artists of Bandung, in particular, combined in one art event that provides insight, adventure as well as art education for the visitors. Including me. One of the artworks are also on display at the time was one of the works of Bandung’s famous artist, Sunaryo.

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Cireng Brotherhood

Previously, I have discussed the typical bandung cheap food: “cilok”. Well, these times I’ll tell you one more “best friend” from “cilok”, namely: “CIRENG”! Gee, what’s this?

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Delicately Delicious … Cibuntu Tofu

There is one food that is not “foreign” to the tongues of people of Indonesia, it is a “friend” of daily meals: “TOFU”.But make no mistake! There is a delicious tofu, soft and unique, which is the mainstay and the pride of citizens of Bandung:  CIBUNTU TOFU! Why is that?

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