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Uniquely Memorable Resting Place : Jadul Village Villa & Spa

Sometimes we try to find a hotel that is not only as a place …. just for sleep. But, truly a unique place for vacation, even given its own memories.

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The Flower City

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! Hopefully this year is a good year for all of us. All our hopes and our ideals, become a reality. Everything be better. Amen.

Bandung is known by various nicknames. One of these “Bandung the flower city.” Actually, it’s an old nickname. Precisely from the time Indonesia was still under Dutch rule. At that time, the Dutch government requires that every person planted their yard with flowers. Be thankful the citizens of Bandung, thanks to the “rule”, Bandung is really a city of flowers! The actual flowers! ….. until now. Continue reading

HAPPY HOLIDAY! Hunting for Jasmine Type Hotels in Bandung

Happy holidays! For those of you who are now on holiday and intend to travel to Bandung, of course, inn / hotel is one of the main things to think about. Especially when you come to bandung in a long time,  especially  to celebrate the new year!  Well,  if you do not book hotels ahead of time, you are going to  run out of room! But sometimes we forget, or not had time to book a hotel, and even just go direct travel. This article will review some inns / hotels (not “stars” class hotels type)  “jasmine” type, which might be an alternative of your choice!

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Nostalgic Hotel : Grand Preanger *****

If you had a walk in the direction Jl. Asia Afrika Bandung, your eyes will immediately be able to see a large building, with old architecture there. Old buildings that remained graceful and very historic in this city … Grand Preanger Hotel.

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Hotel Sabang …. (still) Not in Sumatera!

Back to information cheap lodging in the city of Bandung! Now let us go to lodging (hotels) which happened close to where I live … Hotel Sabang!

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Recreation @ The Mall

Finally … long vacation was coming! For Muslims, especially in Indonesia, yesterday and today the center to commemorate Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1431 H. Happy celebrating!

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Hotel Riau … Not in Sumatera! :)

Jika Anda berkunjung ke Bandung (apalagi untuk berwisata belanja) dan ingin menginap dengan anggaran pas-pasan, salah satu faktor yang patut diperhitungkan adalah : mendapatkan hotel yang murah namun bersih dan nyaman, juga tidak terlalu jauh dari pusat keramaian.

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Visibility in Bandung City

If you want to travel, either recreational or business purposes in Bandung, and do not have a personal vehicle, or your vehicle can not be used, public transport (Angkot) is the answer.

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