Dandy Horse ;)

Horse, an animal that is still used in Bandung as one of alternative transportation, as well as recreation. “Sado”, “delman”, or “kreteg”, it is another name for a crete that use horsepower. But the problem is: horse is still animal, which still do not know good manners. They sometimes get rid of their “waste” in any place, like on the streets of the city.

Hence came the idea to use the pants to the horse! What’s the point? “Pants” is

meant here is the bag as a “container” of “waste” the Horse, and paired in the

ass horses. Thus, a number of ITB students, perform the competition to

design “a horse pants.” And the winner is Nedine Sari (now she is a ITB’s

lecturer), which uses inexpensive materials, used tires, as raw horse pants.

Then Bandung’s horses were wearing pants in some streets of Bandung,

and the idea was quite  “powerful” to reduce the horse manure

from polluting the streets of Bandung…. also, Bandung’s horses look pretty

dandy eh! 🙂


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