Meritorious Wooden Ramp

Many ways to earn money. One is as a valet man. A valet man existing when there is a parking lot. People today’s very clever to get around the shortage of parking space.

Just look at Dago street (like today, when I was walking  to Dago Car Free Day) exactly under Pasupati flyover. An empty lot below it, is a bit higher ground than surrounding streets. But with a little creativity, people make a “wooden ramp”, so that motorcycle is easy to climb it, and can park in that place. The unofficial parking lot is fairly cheap (parking costs only Rp 2.000, -) and quite comfortable (because shady, under the bridge) …. but does not guarantee the security of your motorcycle! Because, sometimes the valet man was not in place to maintain all the parking motorcycle. So, stay alert! 🙂


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