Romance Beneath The Stars & Planets : Bosscha Planetarium

Why is February so Special? Yup! That’s wright! On 14’s! The Valentine’s Day! On that day all couples create the nuances of romantic, one of them by visiting beautiful wrought-place, which if can enhance intimacy. Candle lite diner for two at a leading restaurant, watching a romantic-comedy film in theatre, lying on a white beach to enjoy the sunset, while slurping a glass of chilled champagne, or just a walk in the city’s park, embraced, under the bright full moon. But it all sounds cliche. And maybe you need another alternative. Maybe …. celebrate the V’s Day with your love one, with the  stars and the planets in the universe …. that you can experience it at : Bosscha Planetarium.

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GONG XI FA CHOI : The Story of Chinatown in Bandung

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Gōngxǐ facai! Hopefully this year we’re all blessed in safety, prosperity, success, and better health.
Today, all citizens of Bandung, in particular residents of Chinese descent, celebrate it with joy. Did you know, Bandung also has a “Chinatown” as well as in other countries. Bandung full of fascinating cultural diversity. One of them is Chinese culture, that influence every aspect of life the citizens of Bandung for a long time.

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OLD & NEW : Bring The Nostalgic Atmosphere

Shopping enjoyment can we feel when we’ve got what we want and need. And what we want /need, not necessarily the new, the latest or the modern one(s). It could be the antiques, second-hand (maybe more) and the old-look. After I trafeled and need a rest, for a moment I stopped at this place. A simple shop, with the contents of which, practically, far from simple. Brings me to another time ….

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PEUYEUM : Hard to Say IT, Easy to Taste IT

So many variety of unique Sundanese culinary flavor in Bandung which you can get. One of them is PEUYEUM (sweet-fermented-cassava). Wow …. how do I say it in English?! Hmmmm …..It’s quite hard to pronounce it for non-Sundanese tongue. But it isn’t hard to taste the unique-sweet flavor of this traditional cuisine, that has became an iconic delicacy in Bandung.

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Combro, Misro & Bala-bala : Greasy Delicacy

Everyone, from the old, until the young, like to snack. Including me! There are many kinds of snacks / street foods typical  Bandung (Sundanese). Some of those are “comro” , “misro” and “bala-bala“. Mmm … yummy!

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The Flower City

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011! Hopefully this year is a good year for all of us. All our hopes and our ideals, become a reality. Everything be better. Amen.

Bandung is known by various nicknames. One of these “Bandung the flower city.” Actually, it’s an old nickname. Precisely from the time Indonesia was still under Dutch rule. At that time, the Dutch government requires that every person planted their yard with flowers. Be thankful the citizens of Bandung, thanks to the “rule”, Bandung is really a city of flowers! The actual flowers! ….. until now. Continue reading

HAPPY HOLIDAY! Hunting for Jasmine Type Hotels in Bandung

Happy holidays! For those of you who are now on holiday and intend to travel to Bandung, of course, inn / hotel is one of the main things to think about. Especially when you come to bandung in a long time,  especially  to celebrate the new year!  Well,  if you do not book hotels ahead of time, you are going to  run out of room! But sometimes we forget, or not had time to book a hotel, and even just go direct travel. This article will review some inns / hotels (not “stars” class hotels type)  “jasmine” type, which might be an alternative of your choice!

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Kampung Gajah : Just Beautifully Fun Place

Holidays have arrived. And for all of you who celebrate Christmas, I say Merry Christmas! May happiness and peace for all of us! 🙂

Some of us have a holiday or time off work in order to celebrate Christmas and new year. Perhaps, you have been planning to travel with your family, your friends, or even alone. Well, specially for those who are planning a vacation to Bandung this holiday with family or friends (not alone), there is a place where you can have fun, and relax as a same time. Hmm, curious isn’t it?! 😉 Its name is KAMPUNG GAJAH (Elephant Village). Surely you will immediately imagine a large place, to maintain and train the elephants! (as in Waykambas, Lampung, Sumatra). Woah! If so, you are wrong!

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Tour-Science at the Bandung’s Museum of Geology : Geological Sciences Souvenirs

Sometimes, when my friends from out of town visit to Bandung for a vacation, they just asked me to take around Bandung, visiting natural attractions, shopping and culinary tourism. Because they just know it! They forget about a place, which is practically not atourist attraction “in general”. More likely on a scientific tour : to research and addscience. However, according to my personal opinion, this place could become a tourist attraction all circles, cheap, and increase our knowledge insights …… that place is the Bandung’s Geology Museum.

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Childhood Memorable Playground : Bandung Zoo & Traffic-Theme Park Ade Irma Nasution

When I was a kid, with my parents, I often travel to these two places. My happy childhood and very memorable I spent and enjoy there, along with thousands of children ….. on “Bandung Zoo” and “Traffic-Theme Park Ade Irma Suryani Nasution”.

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