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Kampung Gajah : Just Beautifully Fun Place

Holidays have arrived. And for all of you who celebrate Christmas, I say Merry Christmas! May happiness and peace for all of us! 🙂

Some of us have a holiday or time off work in order to celebrate Christmas and new year. Perhaps, you have been planning to travel with your family, your friends, or even alone. Well, specially for those who are planning a vacation to Bandung this holiday with family or friends (not alone), there is a place where you can have fun, and relax as a same time. Hmm, curious isn’t it?! 😉 Its name is KAMPUNG GAJAH (Elephant Village). Surely you will immediately imagine a large place, to maintain and train the elephants! (as in Waykambas, Lampung, Sumatra). Woah! If so, you are wrong!

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