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Sweet Tradition : Fermented Glutinous Rice

After a long “time off to write” at this my favorite blogs, because of my busy working time, finally, I’m back!
Oh yes, I owe a promise to you, to write an article about “fermented glutinous rice. ” Perhaps, this is the time!

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Delicately Delicious … Cibuntu Tofu

There is one food that is not “foreign” to the tongues of people of Indonesia, it is a “friend” of daily meals: “TOFU”.But make no mistake! There is a delicious tofu, soft and unique, which is the mainstay and the pride of citizens of Bandung:  CIBUNTU TOFU! Why is that?

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Replication Foods, Noodles Cart & Many More

In Bandung, precisely in Aceh Street 15, there is a shop that sells various replicas made of wax. Starting from the replicas of food, beverages, and even meatball noodle cart exists. Store name “Crayon Craft & Co”.

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Serabi Oncom Bandung (Bandung’s Oncom Pancake)

Serabi oncom (oncom pancake) is a typical Sundanese snack (Bandung). And if you come to Bandung, and do not try this one special food, you already passed one of the main distinctive culinary citizens of Bandung.

Serabi (Sundanese people call it “surabi”) is usually presented early in the morning, accompanied by a hot coffee or sweet tea. Continue reading